The Pacific Nukes website is an online resource about British nuclear testing in the Pacific and its legacy during the past 50 years, covering human and environmental impacts, health issues, political and legal consequences, media coverage, research and commentary.

It is run by Karin Williams, an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker of Pacific Islands descent, currently based in Los Angeles.


2 Responses to About

  1. Tem says:

    I am full Northern Group Islander from Manihiki and Rakahanga in the Northern Cooks. I am intereted in this subject area and would like to follow through your findings. Please notify me on any of your findings. You know, some years back in the 50’s and 60’s some of our families were moved to Fiji for elephantitas (ekeeke) and other illnesses. While some have died, others returned with scars they carried for the rest of there lives. I am very keen to revisit all this. Also keen to connect with the Meyers Family if you have the contacts. Will keep in touch. Thanks.

  2. Bob Taylor says:

    I was on Kiritimati for 5 tests during 1958 and met 2 “islanders”. One of them was named Teitua Taria from Manihiki, the other was ‘January’, They both became good friends of mine particularly Teitua and I tried, on numerous occasions, to get in touch with him on my return to England. If you can advise what happened to Teitua I would be most grateful.

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